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  1. Some people ban for personal reasons, some even go so far as to ban every new gf/bf/wife/hubby/ etc of their ex's. When muted inworld you lose marketplace access even to the point that you can't even use an alt to send the banned person the item either.
  2. Hi everyone. Quick question. Is anyone having issues with AVsitter not dumping animation info correctly by chance? Over the last 2 days it's only dumping like every other animation that is saved into open chat & hasn't been giving the website link for the dumped info at all. I've tried re-logging, resetting the scripts, realigning all the animations & dumping info again, taking some animations out in case there were to many & going & getting a new set of scripts from Avsitter (2.2-03.01) & nothing is working. There are no errors being given or anything.
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