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  1. I can hear my own when I speak into my mic but everyone else is completely silent even as they keep assuring me that they are indeed talking. When I first log in I start out hearing voices but then it always cuts to silence. This happens in both firestorm and SL viewer. In audio settings on SL I had voices up 100% and music down to 0%. I ended up being a nuisance today instead of getting to have a nice conversation. What is wrong and how can I fix it before our next verbal get-together? If it’s worth anything, SL also kept logging me out and for a period of time ‘blocked’ my ability to teleport. But the biggest and most consistent problem for me was my inability to hear anyone on their mics.
  2. I prefer the look of belleza Isis. I think her hips, joints, and bust look the most realistic
  3. I've googled and searched sl with no avail. Where do you buy it and how much does it cost?
  4. I cannot seem to be able to save outfits while its attached to me. Every time I want to save an outfit I have to revert to sl viewer and delete it.
  5. I just installed and started using firestorm. What is this thing in my worn items list and why can't I detach it? Is this thing the reason my avatar is suddenly walking like she needs to use the bathroom? SHOULD I detach it?
  6. At the venue I frequent, the hosts and djs get all their tips and you have to tip the house separately, and there is zero incentive to tipping the house— your name doesn’t appear in the local ‘thanks for tipping’ message like it does the host/DJ tip messages and the host/DJ don’t thank you or say anything.
  7. I know there are asexual groups but I suspect none of them are active. Are there any places where asexuals can physically gather in-world and hang out?
  8. I keep seeing the same response. “Oh, pay what you want... but I personally tip/make [huge number]” and it also seems like 100L keeps popping up, like it’s the median. Somewhere from 20–200L seems average. Well I’d been paying the DJs 100-200L each daily for a while but I’ve needed to get stricter with my budget but I keep going to this venue anyway because I feel like I’ve made friends. I’ve dropped it to 30-50L plus another 50L if I make a song request or if the set was insanely good. There are an average of 4 sets a day and generally I’m there for most of them most days. It still adds up over a while. I’m just wondering if my tipping is so low that it actually makes the show feel insulted. On the other hand I don’t want to do big tips all the time and make the DJs feel awkward or obliged to me in some way.
  9. You have tipped DJs 5k (that’s 20$) for playing your favorite bands?? I’m afraid I’ve never been as generous. Usually I try to tip what I think would be the same amount someone would tip at a real life venue.
  10. I like to go to the same venue and stay there all day. Sets are 2 hours each and they generally play pop music. How much is too much to tip a DJ, how much is the minimum or too little?
  11. I'm new to Maitreya and didn't know I could alpha out body parts. Thank you so much! This helped me immensely!
  12. I tip the same amount. Some of these numbers on this thread are surprising! How much is the minimum for tipping after a granted song request?
  13. These outfits I put on my mesh bodies fit perfectly everywhere and then the front of the bust clips through. I've tried changing everything about my shape and bust. What needs to be changed to fix this? Many really nice outfits have been rendered inappropriate for clubbing and such because of this glitch! Here's my latest outfit to get ruined by this (this is Maitreya but it's happened with Belleza too):
  14. That seems like a generous amount! I've seen the tip kissing a lot. Thank you. This is what I've been doing. If I were to do this and come by the club every day I'd lose a lot of money after a while Sounds good.
  15. What are the unspoken rules with paying hosts and DJs at clubs in SL? I get that you tip the DJ after a song request. Do I have to tip for being present for the whole set? Would not tipping after staying the whole time be rude? I want to be a part of clubs but it'd get really costly dropping hundreds of Ls per day.
  16. Not quite what I was looking for, but thanks Keep 'em coming please
  17. I’m not currently where my computer is but in a C few hours I will be and I’ll try both looking for an attachment in the isis folder and fiddling with hover height. Thank you! I’m sure I’ll have even more questions later and I sincerely hope one of these things works because I spent a lot on Belleza!
  18. Thank you guys. I’ll increase hover height until I get a foot shaper for isis
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