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  1. I can't find a detach function. Help me get this ugly noob hair off my head please. I have mesh hair I wanna use instead. This hair is ugly.
  2. Thank you! I was looking for this page on the site. I hope linden will be able to help me. None of the drop-downs pertain to the kinda problems I'm having though
  3. But that’s the thing, I use paypal. I’m getting refused before I even get the chance To put in my info and complete the purchase.
  4. I have two accounts. This is my first account. On my second account I can buy lindens just fine in firefox. On this account I cannot.
  5. Yeah it’s weird, it didn’t even get to the part where I get prompted for a password
  6. I can't buy lindens in my browser or in my viewer in-game. When I try in browser I get an error saying my password is incorrect...even though there was never a prompt for a password. When I try tyo buy lindens in-game I get an email telling me my attempt to buy lindens has failed. Another odd thing that's going on with my account is when I search myself I don't find myself in the results even though other people come up when I search them. I searched my email and I can't find anything indicating that my account is somehow compromised. What's going on with my account??
  7. I'm coming to the realization that there are A LOT of furniture stores... okay, which is the most popular? For example, blueberry is the most popular clothing store. Which furniture store would anybody be excited to get a gift certificate for?
  8. I need to get a gift for someone and I think a gift certificate for some furniture would be the best gift for them. What stores do you recommend?
  9. Youtube gets way too linear with the songs they recommend for you. And yes, bandcamp has a nice variety of music but in my experience it’s mostly inappropriate, like for example my favorite artists on there are Mr Kitty and emptyself. I’ll give SoundCloud a try but it sounds like a lot of work compared to 8tracks which simply presented songs to you.
  10. I’m looking for stuff that’s a little more under the radar and more current
  11. I’ve found a lot of really good hidden gems on bandcamp but they’re not always appropriate for a club, mostly sad and acoustic. Spotify requires a subscription and doesn’t have everything. I could try soundcloud but it doesn’t have a recommended music feature.
  12. That sounds really neat but I don’t really want to get a subscription to spotify. Besides, spotify doesn’t have everything.
  13. I just became a DJ at a club and I want to play a good variety of music, both unknown gems and popular tunes...but in the past 5 years I've been very busy and became out of the loop with music. I used to use 8tracks and playmoss to discover songs and artists but they both bellied up. Youtube is all I have left now. I look at people's fanmixes, listen to Pandora Radio, and go to various clubs in sl. What else can I do? I need to find more songs.
  14. I searched for The Velvet and I don't think it came up. Can someone give me a map link to the club?
  15. It seems like most clubs just play what's popular. I want to discover new tunes. I like all genres.
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