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  1. Hey, I'm Chanel, We seem to have the same interest, Maybe IM me @DreamCee thank you ♥
  2. New friends would be nice, especially since I'm fairly new.I don't need - but would like new friends. I go by the name Chanel, last name King. I am still in school IRL so I sometimes get a little busy, but It's worth waiting for because you don't find many real friends anymore. I'm a great support system💜. Always someone you can truthfully trust, I won't lie to you, I have no reasons to. I'm very goofy, like very goofy lmao, I do have a odd sense of humor so I laugh at things that some people find mean, but I swear Imma good person Lol, I don't believe in bullying. And simply would like to f
  3. Hey there, My name is Cee. I've made me SL account 4 months ago and only played for a little and left, but now I'm back Ive gotten into more serious things, like working, I am a Host and Dancer. And I've also rented my first SL house which was a very proud - happy moment for me. I just want someone for SL ONLY and understand that I'm still in school so I get busy (which is rare) and yeah, I date men and woman, I do have a preffrence which is No furries, and No noob looking avis, sorry lol. I'm very goofy, Loveable as h*ll, Understanding, Spoiled, And this would be my first SL relationship. You
  4. Hello, I'm Cena but I prefer Cee. I'm a sophomore IRL, I have a *little* bit of experience in SL, just the wrap around basics. Whatever money or "L's" I get, I'm okay with. even if its tips. just wanna work to learn some things and practice and also improve my appearance. I've played IMVU since I was 11 so i know about roleplaying and etc lol. and I have patients. I am in school tho so I get busy time to time, but I always at least go on my laptop twice a day or even just for a few hours. thanks ♡ .
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