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  1. See, it was not done inworld, I can tell alot of skin painting def.. totally different look. https://prnt.sc/umczjf
  2. I completely agree with you! It does look sweaty or wet. I guess more soo its a skill i would like to know how to do in photoshop when i need too/want too. I have not been editing photos that long ( almost two years maybe..) and i am collecting skills i suppose. I know that it was achieved in photoshop as the before picture looked nothing like that, it had no shine at all too it. I think it would be cool to do that effect if i was getting out of the pool in a photo or the beach etc. Ofc i know the heads and bodies can do shines, i just wanted to be able to do it manually in photoshop as a skill. So i wanted a general idea of how maybe it was achieved. By Natural i meant it fits, but it is not smudged soo much that you cant make out the details of it. Thanks for your help and ideas 😃
  3. Well that is what people tell me who have offered help, they said its the materials on the head, but when i look at the before/afters of the pictures the artists doo its not, because the before pic does not have that at all.. here is a more clearer image maybe of reference above, i can tell that was clearly done in Photoshop, just not really sure how it was achieved too look that realistic/natural. Here is a bigger reference picture, showing more of the face. https://prnt.sc/ukoe1j
  4. Hiya! Soo I have seen many people (bloggers, photo editors etc) use a technique to give the skin some realism in photoshop. I am talking about specifically the skin effect that is white and it defines the “pores”. They usually put it on the cheeks, nose bridge, nose tip etc. It really gives it a sorta “sweaty or wet look” but I think it really adds realism too the idea of how human skin behaves. I have tried many brushes and using different ways,( overlay, screen, color dodge, linear dodge) Anybody who uses this in photos can offer me some advice on brushes and technique? I have reached out to several people who use it on Flickr but none of them have ever responded or they do and politely say it’s a secret. Any ideas or help is very much appreciated. I will not link a direct Flickr example due to not having permission but I did capture the effect on a portrait and screenshot it for reference of what I am referring too. ( I can tell the RGB is split on this example, i don’t think that really matters though?) Thankies! Reference: https://prnt.sc/ukfffc
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