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  1. Hello, I have purchased multiple different stand AO's and I have applied them. My walking one for example works just fine, but the standing one only works for like less than a second, before it goes back to the generic base avatar stand poses. I have tried adding more poses so it can cycle, re-doing everything etc. It's getting very frustrating. I've tried it on all sorts of lands as well. 

  2. Hello, I recently started renting out an apartment and its all mesh land. I was told by the owner of the area that you have to "rez a prim via build menu" to put down my furniture I bought. I dont know what any of this means, or how to do it. I've tried to find tutorials online and I seem outta luck. Could somebody help me out?

  3. Hello, I'm extremely new to secondlife. Every time I put on a hair, it takes off my shoes, and vise versa. I've tried buying more shoes, more hairs, etc. But the problem continues. I have the Matreya body - and so for the shoes I always use the same shoetype as the body, but my hair always comes off! 

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