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  1. Struggling literally for the week and i have the money but having troubles. IF you can help me i will TIP.. trying to look like this guy https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TOO-Layers-FRANCESCO-Shape-for-Lelutka-Skyler-Jake-Gianni-Legacy/19885882 i have everything but the eyebrows and piercings and stuff.. TY if you can help username: Birdnorris BOM and all this stuff is confusing. I will tip if you need me to.
  2. heres a video kinda of the issue when I am ading the signature body and stuff why is the tattoo's and stuff stil on there? how can i reset that ? anyone?. Like both folders have different bodys 1 invisible with tattoos and 1 not invisable with tattoos.. why is that? why is it not a fresh body
  3. i start from scratch avatar. And add Gianna signature body all the feet all that the right alpha. the bodies messed LELUTKA SKYLER HEAD AND GIANNA SIGNATURE BODY
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