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  1. Thats why the moment i figured that out, i added a rigged demo box to items, floating above head..
  2. Yes its a timed demo so i dont have to stamp demo on it and textures can be seen at full with a box floating above the head and NOT infront or around and obstructing view of the clothes
  3. Hi all ! Question to other merchants. Can someone buy TO many [different] demos? For example, i got 2 customers, one bought a total of 57 demos of all different items and 1 full product in the last year and another 42 different demos and never ever a full item.. Maybe its me , but it gives me a weird feeling...Is this me being paranoid or not ? So question is , how do other merchantssee this/ think about it?! And no my demos arent broken in anyway so people cant just use them, they got an auto destroy script and a rigged and linked demo box in/on them i tested on differents alts
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