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  1. Final update here, the creator at Letis Tattoo was extremely helpful, she sent me a new asymmetric tattoo and a day later sent a new fixed version of the one I purchased originally which looks amazing. Since I bought it in-game instead of on the Marketplace (so can't leave a proper review), I wanted to give her the props she earned. Thanks again to everyone here who jumped in to help.
  2. Just to provide an update, upon further review from my better machine the issue appears to be, at least in part, with the tattoo itself as there is a visible break across the shoulder line I hadn't noticed before. The issue with the break at the neck may be separate from this, but I've reached out to the creator for assistance. Also, the in-store model showing the tattoo seamlessly is wearing a Signature Gianni body (default neck) with an [AK Deluxe] Head Clay Bento V.1.8 {Creator} [neck].
  3. I've read that too, and I wish it were that easy. Sadly, that's not the case.
  4. Apologies if I wasn't clear in my last response, the dots don't appear now at all. Likely an issue with my attempting to view from a laptop instead of my gaming machine. Unfortunately the distortion is still there after applying using both methods mentioned above. The store had a model on which the tattoo looked as it should, I'm going to swing by there in a bit and see if I can determine what he's wearing (I'm guessing both Signature head and body, but I want to confirm). Thanks for the suggestion though, Lewis.
  5. No dots visible without the tattoo, but whether i add via the tattoo Catwa/Signature HUDs or add the BoM version of the entire tattoo it looks the same as in my first screenshot regardless of which neck I'm wearing (those lines may have just been a glitch on my end, not using the best computer right now).
  6. Hi Skell, thanks for responding. I follow your blog, great stuff and one of the places I checked before posting here. I was wearing the SL Neck (Gianni v5.0) but unfortunately switching to the Default Neck looks more noticable to me. I tried clearing the head & body layers and reapplying, same result. Everything I'm wearing is BOM but for one alpha to hide my system eyes.
  7. Hi all, I'm having an issue here that I'm hoping someone has seen before and knows a fix for. I've got a Catwa Daniel head on a Signature Gianni body using a Birth skin on both. Everything looks great, no visible issues at all until i applied a Letis Evolution tattoo which goes up the back of the neck and now the seam between head and body is very obvious. I've done a few web searches and tried everything i can think of but no love. Anyone seen this before and/or know how I can resolve it? Thanks in advance.
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