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  1. Hi my avatar name in XVcccVX but you can call me Chan, my avatar is currently 10 months old but it doesn't have any noob qualities. I am looking for a job that is not sexual (requires me having sex)and that pays so that I can experience second life and get a home of my own. I am a friendly person, also a nurse in training and is willing to learn anything. If you are interested in hiring me please inbox me or reply on this post. I am looking forward to your response and meeting you. I am serious with this so if the application is not valid, please do not reach out to me. Have a great day!
  2. Good day, My name is Chan and I am a RN in training (this is my second year) in RL. Please consider me for that position in your well established maternity center. Not only do I want to gain experience in real life, but in the game as well. I am 18 turn 19 in October and my avatar is 10 moths old. I assure that I had previous accounts in the past and I loved this one hence me staying with it and finding a job. I once again recommend that you consider me for the Nursing position because I am hard working and a fast learner. I am looking forward to your response.
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