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  1. It might cut out the draw call for that face (which, according to your blog, is a big performance win) but I don't see it affecting avatar Complexity in live tests. In fact, setting a face's whole Transparency to anything besides 0% knocks the face out of emission or alpha mask mode. I've been making faces invisible by assigning a clear default texture and using alpha mask mode instead of alpha blend, to avoid the 4x Complexity rating hit. That's not compatible with this. Seems I now have to choose between what is effective or what everyone else thinks is effective. I've read that before, but it's the only one the viewer uses to determine whether to jellydoll you.
  2. What makes a material "fully transparent"? 100% in the transparency field? If so, will that artificially inflate Complexity by forcing that face into blended alpha mode?
  3. The big sumo tournaments in Japan run the first half of every odd-numbered month. They're pretty common. You should be able to find a livestream on YouTube.
  4. Three times as many Kemono as Slink Physique? That's plain bizarre.
  5. How much of a faux pas is it to listen to DJs and not tip?
  6. It wasn't upon arrival. It happened after several minutes.
  7. Thanks! That's coming back consistently with about 0.065 ms.
  8. It happened twice. The first was after more than a minute, and the second was at least five minutes in. The second also reported a higher load off fewer scripts because I'd removed some items.
  9. After I got multiple automated tells in some of the Fantasy Faire shopping zones that my scripts were causing lag with a running time of over 0.2 ms, I tried testing them myself. None of the existing script load measuring objects I knew about in-world report time load, so I looked up some code samples and threw this together: default { touch_start(integer total_number) { list AttachedUUIDs = llGetAttachedList(llGetOwner()); integer i = 0; float total = 0.0; while (i < llGetListLength(AttachedUUIDs) ) { list temp = llGetObjectDetails(llList2Key(AttachedUUIDs, i), [OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME]); total += 1000.0 * llList2Float(temp, 1); ++i; } llOwnerSay("total ms: " + (string)total); } } Right after I zoned into a Faire sim it reported 0.11 ms, but since then it's bounced between 0.045 and 0.065. Now, the docs do say this is average over the last 30 seconds or however long I've been in the zone, whichever is less. They also say it excludes HUD attachments (because llGetAttachedList() doesn't include those and I don't see another LSL function to fetch them), so I don't know if I'm measuring the same thing, but I don't know how I was getting measured as causing so much load. Can anyone help me out?
  10. I have an unlooped eyeblink animation. A simple script starts it every few seconds with a timer(). I notice that sometimes it plays twice in quick succession or doesn't run to the end and leaves me squinting. This is the only script calling anything that moves my eyelids, and I'm pretty sure it happens with my AO off. I even tried marking about 3/4 of it as Ease Out and that didn't change anything. Does anyone know what's going on or how to fix this?
  11. Wow! It's time to find out if the thing I wrote to answer this is any good. https://wineotter.tumblr.com/post/622395324982575104/so-you-want-to-make-your-own-second-life-avatar
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