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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to have an animation done, by Wednesday, for a spell sword style animation? If not by Wensday I would love to work with you and have it made regardless.

    Simply put, like sliding the blade on the palm of the left hand with the sword in the right, slowly sliding it across. This is not blood magic, I have a flame effect that will kindle the blade to ignite it and become hot since my character only knows how to heat her heated treated blade with fire magic. Where she can then damage and break swords or armor with this method of sword magic combat.

    Please Contact me in world at KrystalღStar (krayh) if you are interested with price of service. I have attached a picture below to explain the process if by limited pictures in what I am looking for.2ab96fd0781824862ce590da27614ebf.png

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