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  1. @Bela TolsenI agree with everything in ur rant. I have same rant too tbh, bc I know 2 ppl that gave up prem bc they got so frustrated all the 'epic' locations were empty and just being sat on while they continue to get flooded by the less than desirable locations. Or like the other night when we were tryin to roll that trad to me, and some1 with an army of alts flooded the page with the less than desirable locations and swooped right in and grabbed it out from under us. I realize it's all a gamble, but lets be real, the odds r stacked against those of us with only a couple of alts, trying to roll for homes we actually plan to live in. At the end of the day it is all about the community feel u speak of, and we have built 1 with many rly great and amazing ppl. We're living in these homes we roll for. Not out here just sitting on them, keeping them from every1 else. I feel like that hurts Bellisseria in the end, bc if I know 2 ppl that cancelled premimum, how many do u think there r in total? That just gave up bc all that was left were locations no1 else wanted? Or, how about the girl that told me and some friends she had been rolling all week trying to get 1 Vic. She wasn't happy about the location but took it bc all the others were being sat on. But that's just my 2 cents.
  2. I got to update my pick to your gallery AGAIN?!!!! gahhhhh Slendie!!! hah <333
  3. OHAI! I am sry i just now saw this! Some1 wanting mer-hangouts or LM's to diving sims etc can HMU inworld an I will load them up with places to visit! Also, Safe Waters Foundation (SWF) in Fanci's Deep (Just off the Blake Sea) is a good place for tons of info an huge community of mermaids/mermen that can also point new mers an old mers alike in the right direction with newest regions to swim, events, etc. Siren's Isle on the Blake Sea is a very good place to swim an mingle with sailors, other creatures, an other mers as well.
  4. Beautiful an well said Slendie! ♥ Happy Holidays an Merry Christmas to u as well! We love uuuu!!!
  5. Christmas Slenderman Nope. Still wont dance. But NEW SLENDERMAN XMAS BEAR!!!!! YAY!!!!
  6. If u rly think ur ready for the Stilts... Be aware of all that comes with them...........
  7. That Slendie, always double dipping his chips! lmao
  8. In Bellisseria, you don't stay at home bc Covid-19, you stay at home bc the Bellisseria Slenderman is out there...
  9. It's VERY real yall. Campwich party... I look up... And find this... It's very real. Stay safe around Campwich!
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