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  1. Hi Violet, my name's Sal. I represent Miss Anna Lisa. She is an established professional SL wrestler. She may be interested in working occasionally for your organization. In a valet role, cheering and interfering on behalf of the chosen male cohort. She is not afraid to get involved, whether this means hurting the opponent or being a target of revenge. I realize intergender confrontations are not part of Premier's curriculum. The good news is that Annalisa will work your shows for Free. I will pay for her services. She has Hud experience, a sassy attitude and a beautiful mesh avie to match. I am friends with Vince Aftermath, he can vouch for my integrity. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.
  2. My name is Sal and I am hiring one Videographer to film violent and adult themed wrestling matches Inworld. I want you to film for about 1-2 hours of raw footage then edit it. I like various angles and lots of close up zoom shots taken. The pay is always above $40US per project, depending upon the number of hours you film. I pay immediately. We can negotiate details and price. Message me Inworld at 'GentlemanSal'
  3. I need to make my avatar resemble a handsome celebrity, but am not familiar with SL editing programs.. (skins, heads, layers, hands, eyes, etc). Clothing as well.. I want to hire an expert who can purchase and build a mesh avatar from scratch to perfection. The pay is 4000 lindens for this project.
  4. Greetings Men, my GF has been disobeying orders and needs to be disciplined. She is willing to cooperate. The pay is 2000 lindens per hour. I want to hire SL's most nasty, cruel men - to brutalize and humiliate my woman. I will provide a pose ball wrestling ring, as well as forced adult animations. You must be able to emote creatively and intelligently. You must check your morals and conscious at the door. This job is scheduled for two days a week, for 2 hour sessions. I am flexible with your schedule. Please message me here, or Inworld 'GentlemanSal'
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