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  1. the scripts are different for all the necklaces I tried. my friends have the same problem. I have tried more than a series of different stores. If I move the necklace over my head I can click and the resize opens. If I leave the right necklace on the neck the resize does not open. If I move the necklace over my neck I can click on it.
  2. it is not rigged. the problem concerns the resizer script of all the series. If you have a necklace, try it too!
  3. Since today I have noticed that the resizes on the necklaces do not work. Earrings and bracelets work with the resize. Other people have the same problem with any brand and script inside. Do you have the same problem?
  4. Therefore hundreds of people risk the closure of blogs or profiles ....
  5. Hi everyone, I had a Flickr profile. They closed it without warning. Maybe because I put the links of the sl marketplace. If I insert as a link the address of the shop in the map of sl is it valid? Is a blog address valid? I read in the Flickr guidelines that it is not possible to place commercial links. (if you are not a pro user) Many second life merchants and bloggers use Flickr for commercial purposes and are not pro users, do they risk it too?
  6. Excuse me give me the link of the site from where I can buy the head?
  7. (Europe) Nothing works! Website and login SL! We will live forever in this forum!
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