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  1. Only this is now for sale! 2288sqm / 785prims /4000L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle/9/31/47 Price is now 4000L$ , that is low so hurry if you need a cheap parcel!!😎
  2. Update! Only the smaller one is free 2288sqm / 785 prims !
  3. 2288sqm / 785prims /5000L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle/9/31/47 4096sqm/ 1406prims/ 9000L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle/60/51/30 If you want both , you can get a little discount. 😉
  4. Parcel subdevided in 2 One 4096 sqm 9000L$ and one in 2288 sqm 5000L$
  5. Price set down to 14000L$ ! I will not set it down more then this . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle/41/38/30
  6. Yes its all complex and one thing does not exclude the other. It was meant as a quick check. All above can't make any sure its not the same week after. Yes regions affect each other, parcels do, skyboxes do. But i can agree with your notes to for a closer look at the parcels they interested in. And with that i'm out of this discussion.
  7. Well sorry Pancake if i made you irritated with my note. ðŸ˜Ĩ All i say and all you say can change on next day, so all it do is saying what the status is that day and in that moment. And seriously, looking for 15 years old buildings? Mesh buildings can make lag to if they not made right.
  8. There is a lot of this and that about lag and there is many factors involved. A sim people come and leave all the time can have good numbers but just the fact they come and go make lag. That is because every one has to update that avatar with all scripts,hud's and textures. Using max texture size on all fancy stuff also slow down. Linden recommend max 1024 pixels but Idle is 512. I have checked a few things to look at: Time Dilation: when that go down the simFPS also go down to compensate so sim can run smooth. Idle is 45 Active Scripts: There is no Idle , but lets say under 10000 for a sim total. Higher makes lag . Seen 25000 and i had to leave, could not move. Script run: Idle is 100% but there is no problem down to 50% . At 20-30% you get trouble with hud's, rez things and so on. Total Frame time: 22 is idle and under. You will se at most have 22,200 or like that. Problem starts if it get higher and stay so. Spare Time: As it says, the time over to run scripts. Constant on zero is a problem. Idle is any number over zero. Hope this can help you Statistic bar on Firestorm is CTRL+SHIFT+1
  9. Nope it cant , 4 meters limit stop that. Some adjustments can be terraformed but it will still be 2 hills. Lucky they at both short sides
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle/41/38/30âĪïļ You welcome to make an decent offer. But plz no " i can pay half and rest later".
  11. Parcel 6284 sqm 2191 prims 17000L$ (G) Two Hills and flat land between. Amazing look with a forrest between the hills.
  12. Parcel 6284 sqm 2191 prims 20 000L$ Two hills on parcel and flat land between. It can easy be build on both hills and i have leave example on that . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myrtle/13/27/47
  13. Hmm..think last thing to do is reinstall the viewer. But you can try klick on the file SL_Launcher.exe direct from the map in "C:programs/secondlifeviewer..... just to make sure the path to the file is not broken or wrong.
  14. Was helping a friend search for a parcel on mainland. Big surprise! Why in earth does the seller put up ban lines on the parcel they selling? If any wanted to pay for the land he/she also wanted to look from the parcel side of land. Only at yesterday i found 5 parcels out for sell that have ban lines. Crazy...don't think that any wanted to steal the grass. ðŸĪŠ Just wanted to point it out for the ones selling their parcel. Ban lines = no buy 😜
  15. Thanks for answers. I have look at Debug settings but have not find any useful yet. What i mean by take pics is that when i found a place and want to zoom out a bit , I can't. only way is to klick on "upper,lower,left or right" to be able to zoom and get foreground items. FS only have a distance limitation that i can override if i need in same way. But most irritating is it when i walk around.
  16. Have you try to install an older driver? The newest driver some have problem with in SL.
  17. When use LL viewer the distance from behind changes all the time. I have try set "disable camera constraint" but that do not make any difference. Walking in a place with things/walls all over the place is a hell! Distance change from 5m to 1/2m all the time. Walking in my forrest nearly make me sea sick. Sure i can use FS but in some cases LL viewer is best for pics. So, anyone know where to change it?
  18. Thanks for answer. The deep between the 2 hills is now 8-9 meters so maby i have to found a way to fill it with less prim cost. And yes Alwin, i'm sure it was in some ancient time all happend and mainland is full of old bad terraforming. Smooth it had been better choice and lower it a bit away from border. Yes it is possible if make it from both sides with root prim and child prim, works okay (done it between 2 regions in sky). Think we can end this. For now there is no simple solution. I just have to find something nice to fill it with.🏔ïļ
  19. Thanks for answer. You think it will pass the 4m limit i can higher/ lower land? At one point it must have been able to higher / lower land beyond the todays 4 m limit. The hill to the right i can't lower much more, that's why i use mesh rocks to build my house on.
  20. How to fix a thing like this? I own both parcels but they on different sims. Is it possible to fix this without a re-bake of the sims. It's on mainland and i don't think my neighbors will be happy for a re-bake . It should save a lot of prims to be able to. Cover with mesh rocks cost a lot.
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