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  1. I'm not going to beat a dead horse on this, But 75% of all sims have such items in them, If your that picky you can fix it many ways. Sale your parcel move to a pg sim, buy or rent your own sim, derender the object, move your stuff to a sky box the list can go on and on. Face it 1000's of people do it. There is only so much adult main land. And why should we be forced to own over price main land for a non busines homes over the fact of some one crying over a object, You should be crying over the fact that linden labs lets AFK clubs and other types of adult clubs on the main land forcing p
  2. Greetings Second-life, I'm in need of a skilled animator for a one time project at this point. I'm needing exclusive rights to a set of animations as were you will be credited as the animator. The set will be unisex intoxicated set for AO system in my project. below you will find the states needed for the set and the amount for each state. The animations must be AO ready and dose not need any type of posing system other then the stander AO scripts. Stands: No less then 5 and no more then 10 - No Less then 30 seconds in the loop of the animation. Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better). Si
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