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  1. Updating this for future reference and if anyone else encounters this issue. This issue is not fixable via the Second Life browser since it's the Market Place in where the the desired content is not comming up. Therefore, if its only fixable via the Market Place. 1. Open your web browser and navigate to https://www.secondlife.com (you will need to log into the site to access it's features) 2. Click on the link for Market Place, this is located near the top of the browser section. 3. You will see a Drop-Down selection field called "Show Maturity Levels": On this field make sure the selection is on the following "General, Mature, Adult". After selecting the correct one, try your search again to see if you can bring up the appropriate content for what is selected. It is important to click on the "Search" button after setting this feature, even if the search field is empty. If do not do this it will change to the default option which is "General".
  2. The keyboard shortcut for Avatar Complexity is CTRL+Shift+Alt+C. This will display the Complexity near your Avatars head.
  3. The quickest fix for this is to reset the CameraOffsetRearViewer which you can do by pressing CTRL+ALT+Shift+S in Firestorm. You can also follow the directions to reset your view for different circumstances here https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_camera Apparently some of these settings get changed when applying other settings.
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