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  1. Okay, thank you! I will message you when I get on in world.
  2. I've been looking for an SL job for quite some time now. I even sent in some applications, but I have yet to hear back from some. I noticed that a lot of jobs on this section of the forums are for the experienced, but my question is are there any for the inexperience available?(Hosts, Dancer, or even Escort)
  3. I'm trying add on a body applier so that my body matches my head skin but it's not working for the body. Instead it changes the skin on the head.
  4. I'm going to look into this one after you mentioned this hairbase minimizes the forhead on genus head. Thanks!@Yuumo Ichibara
  5. Ah sorry I wasn't specific about what kind of hairbases I was looking for! I want a hairbase that can be used for on daily basis for any hairstyle that worn (if possible) & one that makes my head look smaller.
  6. When you say this, do you mean it's beginner friendly?
  7. What are some good places to get a good bang for your buck hairbase for genus heads?
  8. Okay, so I just recently played around with the neck sizes & neck fix on the maitreya and genus hud respectively, and I think I got it the same size here.
  9. Ah okay, sorry about that! And really? I thought I still had on the maitreya body skin from the hud. i guess I'll more into the body skin a bit later. But in regards to the neck sizes. How would I just adjust that? Sorry again as I know this is a whole other topic lol
  10. My body was definitely on. It could be because it was hiding behind the inventory in the screenshot so you couldn't see it. Yes, the head is on too. The problem I'm having is getting the body skin on. I don't know whether you can see it, but in the first picture with the focus on my head, it shows the neck seam doesn't match up to the body quite right. And
  11. @Lillith Hapmouche I did alpha out the whole body at first via the bakes on mesh button as I thought that might have helped the situation.
  12. @Theresa TennysonI tried both options and it still doesn't work. and when you say skin file icon with two people, I don't see two people; only one person.
  13. Hello. I'm having a problem with putting on a 7 deadly skin on my maitreya lara body. My face (genus strong gift head) is fine as I got the omega relay for genus and that works well. However, with my body, that isn't the case. I bought an omega system relay for maitreya and it doesn't work. I even made sure I had the latest body update & the bakes on mesh button on. Still nothing works! I have added a picture of how I currently look at the moment.
  14. @Lewis Luminos It's okay, as I just recently added myself to the group! I'm looking forward to attending one of their events. And thanks so much for letting me know about it.
  15. @GoSpeed Racer Okay I'll look this place up when I'm in world. Thanks again!
  16. Are there any places or if not, groups I can go to or join that center around writing or books?
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