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  1. My object It's not a real animesh with skeleton and animations, it's just a sequence of mesh that uses a script to simulate a animation, let's say it works similar to a GIF image. @edit Is a dress btw
  2. Still the same, i think is 100% what Wufie said because when i wear it i cant see the red highlight but when i rez it on the ground can see easily, is just some rigged feature.
  3. Strange... I can only see highlights in edit mode, Thanks i will research more about alpha masking.
  4. Hello all, I'm studying some animated mesh today(Not the rigged ones), and looks like it was using the llSetAlpha to hidden one part and show another making a sequence, but I can't see the hidden parts with the Ctrl +Alt + T just when i edit the object all the parts highlight, someone know how this works?
  5. My creation plays an animation when I attach it. I tried with state_entry and doenst work good, on_rez worked but I don't know if it will always work, I can make a timer but I think that is excess of script usage... someone was a tip for me please
  6. After a huge amount of tries, i make it work increasing a LOT the X axys animation distance from the first frame to the last. Maybe the model as small for the blender grid, i really dont know. Thank you Sabrina and Quarrel for trying to help me. @EDIT Yeah, its the model size, i resize and applied the scale, now it's working like a charm.
  7. Sadly nothing works... I make a simple animation in blender, i just move and rotate a little the mPelvis root: https://i.gyazo.com/eb02086a9d44bcada4dc0b50e7d28885.mp4 when i try to upload to SL the rotation is detected but the movement in the X axys no: https://i.gyazo.com/6efa9171a827ed6811660249e3d16373.mp4
  8. I read that in the wiki, but i dont get it. Even if i move all to roots to another yxz position nothing happens, the hip always stay in the same position(In SL). I tried in the qavimator and worked like a charm just moving the position sliders, but i dont know how to do this in blender.
  9. Hello, I having problems when i try to make a animation that moves the avatar, like jumping or walking, i followed this tutorial: Everything works great in blender but when i upload to SL every part of my body move, except my initial position. ☹️ Im using blender and exporting to BVH
  10. Thanks for the replies, its working now without modifications, so im presume that was a SL or viewer problem.
  11. hello, i make a script that begin to play sounds with a touch, works good on rez but when i add on my avatar doest work anymore, someone can help me figure the problem? the script(i already tried replace llPlaySound for llTriggerSound) : integer truefalse = 0; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.7); } timer() { if (truefalse == 1) { llSleep(0.5); llLoopSound("Hum", 1.0); } else { llStopSound(); } } touch_start(integer total_number)
  12. Hello, I'm wondering if its possible to detect someone position by the name or key, something like: llKey 2 VectorPosition or GetPosition(AvatarKey here). I'm using llGetAgentMenu to make a list and i need the location of the choseen avatar on my menu. Thank u!
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