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  1. I start having this problem when I started working at Exhale btw.. I met a guy at Exhale who I felt in love with and before starting our relationship I clearly told him that I don't use Voice & Cam and he seemed okay with it..but after a while being together he starts asking me if he can see me '' CAM '' but I refused that then he just start forcing me to do so and we break up because of this ''voice&cam'' thing AND the 2 friends I have do voice too, I don't know what's the problem why I keep meeting people interested in voice more than text!!!
  2. ( SORRY IF IT'S NOT THE RIGHT PLACE TO TALK ABOUT THIS BUT IT'S RELATED TO RELATIONSHIPS I CAN'T FIND SOMEONE THAT UNDERSTANDS BECAUSE OF THE VOICE-CAM THING) IS IT POSSIBLE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN TEXT ONLY!! NO VOICE NO CAM ? I'm almost a YEAR playing Sl and i never EVER met someone that is not interested in voice or cam, why is that?? I'm a ( FEMALE ) both in RL & SL if i was talking to someone and i said that i don't voice they ignore me ??? hello??? I DON'T HAVE A MIC EVEN IF I DID HAVE IT I WONT BE ABLE TO TALK. RL SITUATION DOESN'T ALL
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