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  1. That's a horrible generalization. And not really true. There are plenty of good people, male or female, on SL who are amazing to know, as friends. You're also sending off some weird mixed signals, since you originally ask for a "male", but insist on the "friends" aspect, only to speak about guys talking bad about their girlfriends in this latest post. In all honesty being stuck in sucky relationships can ruin you for future ones, and I can understand that, to a degree, but you're not exactly starting off any potential "friendships" very well by immediately throwing out "Most guys" pre-juding d
  2. *Narrows eyes* This made me laugh so hard I choked on my dr. pepper. I blame you for my burning nostrils.
  3. This sounds a lot like an RP that was on SL for a long time called Outbreak, and I was super sad to see it gone when I came back. I would seriously be interested in joining this sim when it's up if y'all are still working on it.
  4. Hey guys, so I'm making a come back to SL...again. Lol. I think what I'm looking for is a slice of life style RP. I'm super okay with other species, or some deeper storylines, but I'm not looking for anything way to overly complicated. I'm hoping for somewhere that is decently active, and open to new players. I'm finding myself gunshy jumping into things on new sims and it's making it difficult to find a place to call home, since I'm finding a lot of people just sort of move on by and around you, or have their own predetermined storylines with people they already know. Maybe if so
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