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  1. Simply put, I cannot walk 3 steps on my mainland parcel without crashing. First thing first, I have had my mainland parcel for the past few months and even with high graphics settings and a long (probably averaged about 120-300 meter draw distance) I was having perfectly fine performance that may have hiccups every now and then and some noticable lag but I was still able to build and work on my parcel. Today however (08/15/2020) when I logged in to the my parcel, I would land and wait for a few things to rezz, then suddenly crash. Fast-forward about 3 hours of logging and crashing, submitting a ticket regarding my neighbor's forest and the excessive scripts that were attached to each tree (250 trees with season changing scripts) and even after she removed them, I am still crashing hard and having to log in from off the parcel at my rental. I am lost in what to do or where to go for answers because it seems to just be around my parcel. When I go anywhere else, I can have my graphics back up to their prior point with no issues, but when I'm on my parcel, even with everything at less than bare minimum to the point I am just a walking name-tag and nothing else is rendered, I am still crashing.
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