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  1. Ok. Me again...Im stuck again so normally when i click my avatars butt it slaps it or unzips my jeans i have or add something to click on it to unbox it. now when i do this it zooms out or moves my screen instead of unboxing or slapping le butt and its frustrating... any help
  2. Okay... So I'm having an issue with sl where my camera wont centre on me when walking or pressing esc. It goes above my head so i cant see myself and does the same when i walk. is there any fix to this Also - Tried to uninstall it wiped all my documents c':
  3. hi, im having an issue similar i visited a place and my camera decided to go weird. Now it is way zoomed in to the point when i hit esc and walk its just not even showing me. I'm reading comments and trying to fix this but I can't and its ruining my experience as I honestly don't want to play anymore with this view i have
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