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  1. So i am doing my computer desk as my first mesh, and i got stuck with the door rotation.

    I managed to rotate de door in the right way by doing the small separation in the corner and then linking then together to rotate like a door would, but with this i get two separates objects, the door and the rest of my desk.

    I want to link it all so it will become one single object but the problem is that when i do that the whole desk rotate instead of just the door.

    I saw that there is a way to rotate just the root prim but when i do that just the corner rotates and it won't work, i saw too that i could rotate just the child prim and i putted it in the door but then the door rotates in its center which do the wrong move.

    So i need a way to keep it as a single object and do the rotation movement right.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank You

    Here are some images.


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