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  1. As a further explanation, depending on what kind of motorcycle you have, you would need to go into the "config" notecard inside the motorcycle and adjust the sensitivity. One I had was set to "10" and left/right would send me off the road. I set it to "3" and it was nice and easy adjusting straightaways, but then full turns are a bit tougher. Note that the motorcycle may show as "no mod" in inventory/rezzed, but for at least some motorcycles the config notecard is editable. Make a backup of the notecard contents just in case.
  2. A picture from a few years ago where I was RP-ing a character from Arkham Horror.
  3. Posted this in a necro-post first by mistake. Lesson learned.
  4. Waiting... oops sorry for the necro -post, I didn't check the date on the OP.
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