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  1. neer knew all that. i just like how it looked 🤣
  2. saw this one someone and now i'm curious what it is. so what is it? 🤣🤣
  3. so i think this is kinda silly but i really want a job so i can buy a lelutka head during black friday 😅 i dont know what i can do tho and i returned maybe 2 months ago and i dont want an escort sex job. any ideas? please please
  4. oh no I meant people wanting jobs like me. i'll keep looking tho
  5. All I seen was people asking for work lol
  6. So I'm wanting a job. I'm not new to second life. I know the basics and all that but I've never worked in game so I don't have experience hosting etc. I'm willing to learn and try whatever is availabel to me just no adult please.
  7. Oh i like the sound of that. usually places are so empty 🙁
  8. So I havent logged in forever and I have no idea where to go. I love exploring and just whatever pops up lol
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