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  1. Regarding OP: I understood the day I joined that SL had a booming sexual aspect to it. I know not everyone will enter this virtual world knowing that, but I at least did. It didn't interest me then and it doesn't interest me now. But it is easy enough to avoid that aspect of the game, so I have no idea why some people would want to remove it - especially when it provides so much revenue for the Second Life economy through Market Place alone - when all you really have to do is only go to G-M sims and avoid locales that describe themselves with keywords that don't sound PG or whatever. Ju
  2. I've been on Second Life since March and have known of the Forums for about as long. I didn't see any real reason to join though. But then I got one: boredom. This is a nice, comfy place with interesting discussions. I might end up staying.
  3. Was at a lost here so I had to pull a song I nominate 'Q' next
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