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  1. I hope your able to log in soon. I finally was able to log in today on the market.
  2. i understand your frustration. I had logged in fin the other day into marketplace, but then today couldn't even get into the page. but yet my friend was able to log in with no problems. So I am like what's the deal. so unfair
  3. oh wow good to know its not just me. I thought i had done something wrong.. thank you for letting me know. I will keep my eye on the status for sure thank you.
  4. hello all, not sure if this is in the right category or not but I am trying to log into the marketplace and for some odd reason I can not. When i type in my name and password it takes it and then it takes me to the main page with the sign in at the top again. I have no clue as to why this is happening. What i can do to fix this? can someone tell me please?
  5. Thank you for the info. I will be checking that out.
  6. Yes I was just there. Lots of amazing things.
  7. thank you for that info. I will keep that in mind as I continue to grow in second life. and thank you for the offer.
  8. that's the place!!!! thank you so much.
  9. Hello all! My name is Leandra. I am super new to second life. I heard from some people that where trying to help me out. There was a place for newcomers where they could get freebies. This place had a pirate ship with all kinds of outfits free, but wen I asked what the name was, no one could remember. So they said I could try to ask in forms. Someone here might know. I would really appreciate it if someone knew and could tell me. Thank you for reading my text.
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