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  1. The log home was the one I did not want to try, but thank you, I appreciate it. 😊
  2. @Elora Lunasea"When did YOU last see a Bellessarian home available is the name of the thread." Wake up! Many people do NOT see one, they do NOT get the chance BECAUSE of the hoarders/Group Holders etc who have multiple alts and then hold multiple homes on one or many parcels. Unfortunately one, or two of them use that to' buy' friends, say negative things about others, then throw a tizzy if someone else gets a better LH on a new release. YOU need to see what is really going on with regard to LH hoarding/flipping. Open your eyes, read between the lines, and get to know your fellow neighbors. There are a few folks realizing what is going on, and comparing experiences, and seeing some others for what they really are. In the times we are all going through, to know that some can still be mean even in SL, well I am sorry for some of you.
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