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  1. Nice! Will message you whenever I actually have time to carry on a conversation in-game Oh, I should mention right now I'm sporting a cat avatar because I can't find all the correct parts for my ideal human so I hope that's not an issue.
  2. We have similar interests (dislikes as well). When I get back on for more than a few minutes - which may be as late as next week - can I send you an IM? I wouldn't mind chatting and seeing if we hit it off.
  3. Most things on Second Life are fairly priced when you take into account the conversion rate. That being said it can be expensive if you go overboard buying stuff, but buying things piecemeal is pretty manageable. Or at least I think. But as @RowanMinxsaid, Second Life isn't a necessity or basic human right. It's a luxury. Even if things were ridiculously overpriced it wouldn't matter. Linden Labs and content creators, as well as resellers, can charge what they like. The option of not playing/buying is always a valid option.
  4. Unless it's a land that would benefit from the region's settings (like a horror map), I leave it on noon.
  5. Interesting idea. Could use some clean up, but I'm pretty impressed for what its worth. Is this going to be your main look?
  6. Creepers being creepy is sadly nothing new. When I first joined about three years ago on my main I was admittedly young and naive about internet safety. I became very close to a guy who took on the role of a father figure, something I feel like I'm always subconsciously looking for. Anyway, he was older than me by a few decades and was never nothing but kind to me. He treated me with respect and seemed to really take an interest in my hobbies. It was fun talking to him. At least in the beginning. Gradually he peppered in questions about my real life. Myself, being not even twenty with an excee
  7. In a similar manner to love, I seem to notice you find friends when you aren't actively searching for it. Soloing by yourself for awhile, and being content with that puts you in a better head space where you can enjoy a conversation with no pretense or background thoughts of will this person be a good friend? Do you like shopping? Exploring? Clubbing? Do those things and strike up conversations when you can. 9/10 times it'll be a one-off conversation with someone you'll likely never see again, and that's ok. You've got to patiently wade through the people you don't click with the find the ones
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