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  1. Me either and I didn't have this problem a few years ago when I joined SL so the linked bank thing must be new. I just wanted to get back into playing it so hopefully the bank that I have works now, I just want a cute avi 😩
  2. First sorry for all the spelling mistakes, I was tired lol. But I live in the US and I'm trying this Chime no fee required bank account. I tried Skrill but i couldn't link PayPal to it and yeah I still need a bank account. But thank youuuu, I'll see if this Chime thing works and update this when it's verified. 🙂
  3. I'm want to buy Lindens, but I'm also unemployed at the moment so I don't have an bank account but I do get money sent to my playpal for the small work that I do. Is thee a way to still get Lindens without having a active bank account? Or just some way that I can buy Lindens so that i can work in Second Life Rp to turn my Lindens into real money? his is the message that I get
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