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  1. Interesting. Assuming based on Linden Lab's own explanation of where you will see it used, it leads me to believe that they are still working on implementing it throughout their site. The fact they did not mention the pages lets me know they are aware it is not fully complete. However, this is just my thoughts... I am hopeful that we will see this change in the most critical points such as purchasing Linden and the client etc. ... However I do feel that is a bigger challenge. Putting something out incomplete is better than having nothing at all, at least in my opinion. Hopefully we see improvements next quarter, tehe
  2. Highly appreciate this (and will be using this for myself) , however I do think this should be implemented on client due to accessibility. Many residents are coming back to Second Life or some users have never edit scripts, etc. For language barriers, difficulty for some residents... I highly recommend Second Life to make this addition into their preference settings. Perhaps even with additional built in security features for the client. However, I am not sure this will convey because most of the settings are stored locally.... I don't believe a resident should have to purchase a script, search for a script or make a post on a forum for security.
  3. Congratulations on MFA (Mutli-Factor Authentication) !!! First and foremost, I want to thank whomever finally put in place MFA for web end logins. This was something that has been desperately needed since... Well, forever. Reading this mornings post over the news was exciting however, bitter-sweet. Clients still do not offer MFA support, and this can be a problem. I am aware that the weakest point of access has been "beefed" up with his new upgrade but client security is a must. My suggestion is, please add an option in the client to notify via e-mail when a user has logged in to the account. This is something that is fundamental and much needed. At the moment, residents can only achieve this with scripts made by other residents and these scripts (many of them) are faulty and outdated. Thank you, -Cutie Banana
  4. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. It states that this space is to promote rentals within my Homestead or the full Homestead.
  6. The client is completely black, even before I login. I cannot not contact any support from any client. I'd have to do it outside of it. It's completely. black.
  7. Hello All, MY CLIENT IS ALL BLACK. Can't even sign in... meet all the requirements for second life, I have played it before on the Firestorm client up until last week. I stayed off for a week, came back and my screen was black. Before you comment, let me tell you all I've tried: Uninstalling all versions (and a clean uninstall which would include removing the appdata files, etc.) Tried different viewers Restarted computer Updated my graphics card Nada. I'm still left with a box I type into, but no visuals. This is across ALL CLIENTS. Has anyone had this issue before, help... or am I doomed until I do a system restore of some sort? Thanks!
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