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  1. Oh hey @SeicherRae - that’s so nice of you! It’s a pleasure to post on a place like this and have someone engaged enough - as Drakonadrgora was - to respond, and with patience too. I was really chuffed at that, and it was the least I could do to express my thanks - I had fully expected tumbleweed or a flaming from someone, so his openness to me, and yours, are lovely. Have a wonderful evening! Cheers! Sx
  2. Thanks so much! We worked out that it’s a Relay issue - buggy or OOD Relay. So a new one sorted it. Many thanks for bearing with me and helping with these thoughts. Success! ❤️
  3. That’s true. As I say, this happens with items that do recapture other subs - and with controlled experiments in what happens - using the same RLV item, same setting, AO off, just different avatar. So I am trying to identify what possible reason it could be? Cheers!
  4. Thanks! It’s not when any safewords are being used... it seems to be simply that it does not catch her again on Re-logging in... What might be doing that?
  5. Hi there! I hope you’re all well. So, here’s the problem. My sub and I love playing long term bondage. But she experiences a problem, in that most bondage RLV pieces simply throw her out, regardless of what it says she has left to go on the timer. These are from different manufacturers, and crucially they do not have this problem with other subs. She is concerned it may be a relay problem or something - any ideas? Thank you! Sx
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