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  1. Sinners Vortex Night Club Is Now hiring!
    *| Djs
    *| Hosts All 3 keep 100% tips
    *| Dancers
    If you are serious and interested in joining our club & help make the club grow, please click the landmark below and you'll see the applications on the board where you walk in! For DJ & Host managers, we will send you the application just contact either ::
    Co Owner:secondlife:///app/agent/04f9aba8-1dce-45f6-b138-7123fd68f53f/about
    Main Manager:secondlife:///app/agent/a85c509c-c2f2-49d7-af09-769713065b03/about & secondlife:///app/agent/08a63152-cc39-4e0d-8cc2-f52232ee2f97/about

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    Sinners Vortex Logo.png

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  2. My family is renting out some decently priced parcels, come take a look! 😃
    1.) 1/4 sim 7500 prims 5000L weekly
    2.) 8192m² 3750 prims 2500L /week
    3.) 1875 prims 1200L /week 4096m²
    4.) 1875 prims 1200L /week 4096m²
    5.) prim - 468 1024m² 300L weekly
  3. Club Genesis is a new club looking for experienced djs and hosts! We are also looking to hire some managers and security! We are located above the beach and our djs are able to play whatever type of music they prefer! (no headbanging though). We welcome avis that are at least 6 months to work for us! We are an 18+ club so no child avis are aloud! We are a laid back club and our staff is like family! All woking staff must check in for their shifts 30 minutes before starting your set and must be in the club 15 minutes before starting!! Our staff should respect the owner and all other staff and not say rude things about other workers...if there is a problem you should bring it up in a kind manner and let the owner deal with it. Pay is 100% tips for djs and hosts. 

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