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  1. what if I want to detect a message coming from the same object or is this possible
  2. For example, if the public chat has a last recorded message saying "hello world" could a script detect this somehow to be used in scripting? A more clear example.. if the chat is like this: 1: hey how are you 2: im great wbu? 3: awesome, thanks! (event in script will then trigger) -- I want to make a script that will constantly detect the last stated message on the public channel until it hits the correct string that will trigger an event in the script. For the sake of the example, lets assume the string its parsing for in each last stated message is "awesome
  3. for example, i want to generate a random float between -2 and 2. it could be -1.7634 or 1.2341 after generation for example as long as its random. I can only seem to find documentation online that allows for positive range random float outputs...
  4. I can use if statements but for some reason i cant use else if or else statements at all in my scripts. I've tried so many different ways to solve this. here is my sample code. if (message == "Add 1 to green" && count == 0) green_count += 1; count += 1; llSetText("Green: " +(string)green_count,<1.0,1.0,1.0>,1.0); else count -= 1; I'm constantly getting an error on the else command line.
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