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  1. @Pussycat Catnip It is possible that you have a tpm that is simply not enabled in your bios, (although i personally wouldn't know), please be very careful on researching and doing anything in that part of the p.c.
  2. Im just wondering if anyone has tried SL on Win 11 beta (Build 10.0.22000.100) You can get nvidia drivers for that on their website https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/drivers/ Personally however, i think i will wait for the actual release, even though i have a pre-release on another older pc.
  3. Im surprised none has posted this yet, so i will. Maddys old stale avocado donuts! (i think that's a reference in the 5 word story posting, which is now a necrothread.)
  4. I'm wondering if you had an argument with your alt, or its just sulking for some reason, and it put you on its blocklist!😁 I'm guessing that you already bought it some nice stuff, and invited it out a few times, and told it how much you liked them and wanted to see them more often..
  5. Yes I second that. But on saying that i go to various places, and what i find is the tip jar is sometimes not owned by the dj. So, do the lindens tipped go to the owner of the tip jar, or the DJ? My answer is ..I dont know. Also, please re-read what Rowan Amore has said in the comments of this post.
  6. Yes, that is a real product, its not photoshopped.
  7. Well, for an example an 8th gen intel pc with a nvidia rtx 2070 handles grafix at very hi setting at a great frame rate and ultra setting at a lot lower frame rate. The p.c doesn't have to be the latest top end gaming system. I just checked the website from my mobile phone (as i am currently not at a p.c) and i see the new video .. must admit i am impressed. Edit.. i have noticed in windows 10, google chrome plays the video, firefox and MS edge currently show the static view... But using a comparison with real life, if you are looking for a new car, often you buy a base model, even though the car maker advertises the top of the range model. But would it make me sign up? well... maybe, if i wanted to find out what it was about...
  8. Hmm, intrigued by the OP, I logged into the marketplace to try and duplicate the response, On general, and moderate settings, nothing of what was stated was found. On general, moderate and adult, i found a bdsm tool rack, however that is used i have no idea. On adult only, however, i did find what the OP stated. A simple solution would be to turn off adult settings, as i cannot duplicate issues stated that way. (I hope that will help)
  9. Well, like everyone here, thanx for the heads up. I guess i am lucky in the fact that my subscription for membership is due the day before this change happens. 😁
  10. I am really tempted to see if the name XD UwU is already taken, but at $40 usd, i will pass on the offer, thanks all the same.
  11. Apparently i live under a rock or something, i just stumbled on this webpage, https://www.redbubble.com/people/Second-Life/shop I know this might sound like an advert to some people, but it is not. I was wondering if there will be an option to pay for the products with your tilia balance, as currently there isn't one. And.. Secondly, i guess this is a real SL endorsed website, as i found it thru a link on the destinations page.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE0TGFVquvM Come on Eileen covid parody
  13. You beat me to it lol Edit.. just found some lovely sweaters in the group gift section of this store... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautiful Dirty Rich/125/122/22
  14. Chocolate contains cocoa. cocoa comes from a plant, so technically, chocolate is a salad! (anyway, that's my story and i'm sticking to it!)
  15. The following one was in the newspaper a while ago, it also has nothing to do with cheese lol. A duck walked into a chemist and asked for a chapstick. The chemist asked. "Credit card or cash?" "Neither" said the duck. "Just stick it on my bill!"
  16. A man was driving along a country road one day, and his car suddenly started to splutter and stalled and the car stopped. The man opened the bonnet of the car to have a look and see if it was anything obvious. While he was doing this, a group of horses that were in the paddock next to the car walked over. Then the man heard a voice, "The battery cable has dropped off!" The man looked around and saw no-one except the horses. Then one of the horses spoke and said "Yes it was me. Your battery cable dropped off!" The man was in shock, but he looked and sure enough the battery cable had dropped off. The man spluttered "Thanks" and got the car started and left in a great hurry. When the man reached the next local township, the man had to go to a bar to get get a stiff drink to calm his nerves. After a drink or two, he told the barman, "You are not going to believe me, but my car broke down a few miles up the road, and when i got out a horse told me what was wrong with it!" The barman laughed, then said, "Was it the white horse, the dappled one, or the the brown one?" The man replied, "Well actually it was a white one." The barman replied, "Thats good ! The others don't know anything about cars."
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