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  1. Welcome to SL! I'm Holli -- Feel free to IM me sometime if you'd like, I've been trying to branch out and meet people lately even if our interests aren't a total match. Exploring is fun! I'm a bit self conscious about my avatar choice while poking around at times, though, since they can be a bit on the unconventional side-- not to mention I'm totally fashion-blind and struggle to dress myself in much more than a hoodie and baggy pants regardless of whether I'm in SL or RL. xwx I mostly hop on SL to make skins for avatars and stuff, I'm very much into the creative aspect! When I'm not
  2. Yikes. I have to say I'm glad I didn't/couldn't get into SL until well after things like that were phased out. I'm not sure if I'm the only person who feels this way, but I'm pretty sure getting softbanned for a month with no way to appeal (after getting force-teleported into a meeting and told I was doing something wrong for just minding my own business) would have absolutely put me off ever touching the platform ever again. 😕 I'm absolutely a fan of games/servers that cram proven troublemakers/hackers/people using cheat engines into a space away from the general population, but somethin
  3. Yet this entire thread has been nothing but "moaning" about how much SL sucks to you compared to modern video games because you won't give anything a chance. :v The bottom line seems to be that you can't see past graphical limitations or the fact that you're interacting with other real people on the platform instead of video game npcs and find every suggestion other people try to give "stupid" and won't consider, well, any of them. Which begs the question, why keep posting just to tear down others' opinions and advice/tips if they're not going to satisfy whatever expectations you hav
  4. Looking for some hair similar to these for a new avatar I'm putting together. Bangs that cover the eye is pretty important, a lot of hair I've seen so far either doesn't have them low enough to where only the forehead is covered, or doesn't have bangs at all!
  5. Well, definitely let me know if that pans out and if rentals would ever be a thing/be considered. It'd certainly help with cost/upkeep instead of having to pay for it yourself or hope for donations! If you ever want a griffin (or three) to chill/hang out/enjoy the atmosphere, I wouldn't mind poking my head in a couple times to see how things go. <:
  6. Honestly something like this sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I've always liked the appeal of a community-type sim, but a lot are either full of unoptimized laggy builds or really strict in terms of what you can be, do, etc there, not to mention HEAVILY pushing the rp aspect to the point of inducing anxiety. If there are any relatively chill community sims with decently affordable housing and such with wiggle room as far as rp rules and fantasy/species requirements go, I'll check em out for sure.
  7. To be honest, I find myself (often unintentionally by way of where I choose to go) actively avoiding (or simply not really interacting with) people in SL who explicitly state that they keep RL and SL separate. I guess I personally don't see the appeal in connecting with someone's character when I'd rather be connecting with the person behind the character, if that makes sense? Though, that makes it really hard to actually make friends on here for some reason or another. Maybe I just see things through that kind of lens because I'm in an online/long distance relationship with two people w
  8. Oh god I'd never think of sending someone thousands of dollars... ever, and I could definitely see how that'd look weird to LL. I'll keep that in mind!
  9. Yeahhh I'm honestly just confused at this point and I'm not even going to bother. Not sure how money laundering is even brought into it when it's money I made legitimately through selling things in the marketplace; isn't money laundering the act of recirculating illegal funds? :s The fact that it's apparently something that can even get brought up if you gift a friend L and they cash it for USD is unnerving. Also I dunno where $L100 is coming from-- I said $100 in L, as in $100 USD worth of lindens. I just wanted to gift someone something they could either use in-world or buy somethi
  10. Haha, meanwhile I went in with the intention of being a furry from the get-go! I just find them a lot more appealing-- I personally find that going the super realistic route with human avatars looks super uncanny. Pictures look great, but in motion with how floaty some animations are, it kind of gives them a marionette effect to me. xwx I'd love to find a good furry hangout but I've been looking for.. ever. The account I'm on here is an alt I originally made during a bored streak that I ended up getting new stuff for, my main is several years old by this point! Everywhere I've been is ei
  11. Hey there! I've been wanting to get out of my shell and meet more people too instead of sitting around an empty sandbox making textures. :'D I've also been meaning to add some picks to my profile with my interests but I haven't felt motivated enough lately... The creative side of SL is definitely what drew me though, too! All of my avatars are furries or ferals as I feel that gives me way more creative freedom with fur patterns and whacky colors or mix-n-matching parts than normal human avatars. You could shoot me an IM any time if you're at all interested in the fuzzier side of SL or jus
  12. Oh wow, yikes. Nevermind then, I don't want to have to contact support and go through a whole song and dance just to give someone some money. x: That's unfortunate. Edit: To clarify, I'd be sending over $100 in L as a gift/thank you for something. I'm guessing that'd be enough to cause problems, so I'll just figure something else out instead!
  13. Heya, first forum post here! Just wanted to make sure this is alright to do. I co-own a shop with my partner and we wanted to give a friend a chunk of our earned L with the intention of that friend being able to cash it out for themselves; This is fine, right? I just want to make sure there's no weird legal stuff I'm somehow overlooking. Thanks!
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