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  1. One perennial set of philosophical questions concerns the nature of values, norms and reasons. Are they objective, universal, mind-independent realities, or merely subjective, relative, mind-dependent human constructions? Normative non-naturalists claim that there are universal, objective, mind-independent facts about value, reason and morality that are not specific to any particular human culture, nor even to human nature in general. Any suitably sophisticated moral agent would perceive the same moral facts and be motivated by them. This strong objectivism is a minority position in contempora
  2. Who's taking away money from black people? If you're talking about slavery, that's irrelevant because no one today is a slave.
  3. Okay fine. wrong parallel. Replace germany with hong kong. been there once but we'll count that as negligible. again, i don't speak the language, don't know the people, never lived there but i'm the same ethnicity as the locals there. according to this logic, i can proudly call myself hong kongese without having any clue about the culture or language. my point still stands.
  4. I can't quote for some reason. heritage is the keyword, except people are saying they can be called german without being to germany. "it doesn't matter what anyone likes or not" nope, I'm not going to forcefully stop people from falsely identifying themselves but this is a discussion on whether i agree with that or not.
  5. so by all you've just said, i can proudly call myself german despite never visiting there, not knowing a single german, not speaking german. Germany is laughing at anyone who thinks they can get away with this. Face it, not every country is like america where you can be american with a snap of your fingers.
  6. I speak chinese, if i took a dna test it would probably show i'm 100% chinese, i eat chinese food everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I've don't say i'm chinese. Just face it people, you're american and nothing else. just because your great great grandpa was german doesn't mean you have any claim to identifying as german. Can't wait for all the triggered replies.
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