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  1. Thanx Mollymews llMoveToTarget works well for my giant wave. The collision with my surfboard is done correctly. I had used this function to animate fish, but forgot about it.
  2. There is not just one method. It depends on the mesh, the number of prims and the number of faces. You can change the color, the transparency and the glow for the prims or for the faces with a timer, and make very complex animations. More simply, you can use textures (but the possibilities will be limited)
  3. For the submarine, you can also use an airplane script. But this script must be modified so that the vehicle doesn't go down below the water body and doesn't exceed its upper limit. By using a timer, you can check the height of the vehicle and keep it between these two limits. However, this requires knowledge of LSL.
  4. I think a spaceship script should work. You could find this kind of script in the freebies a few years ago. This type of script does not use PHYSICAL mode. The movement is linear (it isn't jerky) but the vehicle moves forward only if a key on the keyboard is pressed. (Vehicle movement is less realistic than in PHYSICAL mode) On SL market, you have this vehicle (with editable scripts) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AC-PHANTOM-NON-PHYSICAL-GLIDER/5673971
  5. Thx VirtuaKitten, My initial wish is to use a realistic mesh for the wave. As I was crossing the wave, I thought the problem was with the mesh. So I tried with only one prim. (A simple half-cylinder that I hollowed out at 90 %) But the problem is the same with a prim. When I arrive on the wave with my surfboard, I cross it! The wave script is as follows (simplified presentation) The wave begins to move forward with a click of the mouse. default { state_entry() { llSay(0, "Script running"); } touch_start(integer num_detecte
  6. Met ton mesh en fantôme et crée une coque en prims pour les endroits où on ne doit pas passer.
  7. Hi, I created a giant wave for surfing. This wave advances correctly with the llSetKeyframedMotion function. But when I get on the wave, instead of being pushed by the prim, I cross the prim (although it isn't declared as a ghost prim)
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