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  1. hello i am relatively kind of a old player I have been playing since last year but I had stopped m back to playing second life and right now I'm currently looking for a job . oh and i have skills with photoshop in real life and I'm studying programming and i used to host in second life but i am a bit rusty lmao.
  2. I am kinda new to second life i have gotten used to it and i am looking for a job to gain experience and to be of use and to help build up your establishment, i am willing to learn if you are willing to teach and i am a fast learner
  3. Im new to second life have been looking for a job for 2 weeks now havent got any due to age , i have previous experience with dj but my stream is up due to no work . Willimg to do anything
  4. I am new to sl i would love if i could get a job as soon as possible i am willing to do any work as long i can get a little training to know im doing it proper since i am 2 days old and sice recently became a dj and i have my own stream👏 i need a job
  5. Im new to the game im a strong jamaican who works hard to do all my jobs
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