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  1. Ah I’m interested I texted you in world too and added so if you can send the notecard and we can talk more in world I’m 316 days old so that’s no problem I have a mesh body and head I have a really good avi so LOL
  2. Do you guys train to be a dj? Oh and what do you need to be a stripper/lap dancer
  3. I took a break recently so I’m looking for a other job and I’m back getting on second life
  4. I’m interested! I own a mesh head and body this is my avi
  5. I though buying was much more easier I don’t get the whole real estate thing
  6. I’m looking to buy land it would be amazing I’m really tired of renting so I would like to buy some
  7. I want my first second life job if anyone hiring let me know
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