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  1. ISSUE has been solved! The problem was just as I read in another post, that was answering Prokofy Neva's issue. I tried to run my Firestorm account as administrator, and... surprise... I could load the content of my purchased items now. So, I theorize that the Temp Folder permissions thing MAY (not saying this IS the cause) be what was preventing this from loading. Thank you all for your assistance, I appreciate it. Just happy I can now get my purchases unpacked. ♥
  2. Never really had much of an issue, up until several weeks ago. And never really had issues with inventory keeping buy confirmations from loading. But inventory says it's around 12,994 elements.
  3. Have tried several things now to try and get it to work, but still nothing happening. I tried cleaning and repairing registry issues, I tried logging in with the official SL viewer, still have the same issue. Just to be certain, this is a fairly new computer, all new parts, so there technically should be no issues causing this.
  4. I've tried going to different regions, I'm having no lag at all, my router is on a home network, had no issues for a long time, I'm not having any connection issues at all. Even when I go to an in-world shop, I click to buy something, and usually a screen with the contents pops up, before you purchase it, but it doesn't load any item for purchase. Just a blank box.
  5. Is anyone else having an issue, when they purchase something, whether it be off the Marketplace, or in a store... whenever I try to purchase something, it goes to the purchase menu, where you can see the contents, but... it just keeps saying "Loading Contents..." forever. It never loads anything. Marketplace items, I have bought several, and when I try to unpack them, same issue... Always just "Loading Contents..." It's getting extremely frustrating. I tried everything I can think of to resolve the issue, but still continues. Some assistance would be welcomed.
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