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  1. Yes I'm using Firestorm. Fantastic! That worked, thanks heaps. That said, I'll see if I can get a hud that gives blinking with limited eye movements so I don't look stoned and staring off into space I'm afraid this bento head is very basic in its functionality and has no anim options. Thanks again!
  2. This perhaps ? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Eye-Lock-Hud-AO/16534809
  3. Hello all. I am finding my eyes are always pointing forward even when an AO tilts my head down, making my eyes look like they are rolling up into the back of my head! See attached. I have Ikon eyes (which are great!) , and it comes with a hud that can set the eye direction in a fixed pose, but not in general animation. I have an Actanon Bento head. Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. My apologies for the noob question. I have a blink gesture and I'd like to run all the time. How can make it loop infinitely and just continue, instead of eventually timing out ?
  5. My apologies for the jokes guys. Where this came from was, I tried a Gianni body instead of the Actanon that this head comes with, and the skin DID apply to that Gianni body thanks to some Omega applier gadget my friend gave me. So I figured I try same with a CATWA head. Anyway, the only reason I wanted a CATWA head was someone told me my eyes freaked her out because I didn't blink. So...$1 blink animation, problem solved! No CATWA required :)
  6. Let's just say.."Rebellions are built on hope..."
  7. At times like these, I like to remember this prayer... "Lord , grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."
  8. Thanks Marianne. Worth a shot I guess. See Caputo skin https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Caputo-Skin/17422801
  9. I have a Caputo skin that comes with an applier. Can I apply it to a CATWA head ?
  10. Is it possible to create a gesture and adding a dance animation I purchased? The only animations I see in my list when creating my gesture are the default Library ones. My apologies, I'm new to this :)
  11. Thanks heaps OptimoMaximo. Yes Audacity was recommended by others . If set 16bit as my default WAV format in Audacity, make sure it says "16 bit" next to the waveform on screen, and select 16bit WAV as the export format , I can export it and upload it. Thanks heaps !
  12. Hi all. When I upload a .wav file of 9 seconds length, mono, 16 bit and 44.1 khz, I get an error "wrong chunk size in file". Apparently this is a value in the file header but I can't find a simple way to fix it? I am recording using NCH debut, editing with Davinci resolve and exporting to WAV, converting to PCM using NCH Switch File Converter. None of these has an option about "chunk size". Is there a converter / editor that allows me to fix the "chunk size". What value should I set it to ?
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