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  1. Why can't I fix by clicking on friends to show online to them? When I do their name goes dark and then I can't message them. It doesn't light up on their name again till I relog and still can't put check mark in box to show I am on to them nor show on map to them where I am. How can this be fixed?
  2. How can someone you blocked and unfriended see you online and find you in search when you are not supposed to be found in search. I paid to have my name changed and this person is seeing me on line all the time I am on. He also bothers other people that was my friends to get information on me. They don't tell him anything. I want him to leave me alone. It is stalking and harassing along with manipulating my rights to my privacy. Please fix issues of privacy and not let those on your friends list see anything about me.
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