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  1. I have a friend that makes clothing, and has a Gacha that they are in. We discovered that someone is playing the Gacha, then selling the other avatar body sizes on Marketplace. She knows that people do sell unwanted Gacha items there, but this person seems to be doing it just for the purpose of selling. Is that allowed? Is that something that could be reported?
  2. Hi all! Getting ready to purchase my first piece of land, and looking for LI Skyboxes, preferably with a scene outside. Found a few at Zandig that I really liked. Suggestions for other places that I could try? Thanks!
  3. Fabulous! Thanks so much for helping me to understand that. 🙂
  4. The 47 is the parcel land impact....it does say after that, owned by parcel owner 47. They do seem to have a few different parcels here for sale.
  5. Hi Moira, It is a 1024 that I am looking at...parcel land capacity is 47.
  6. Hi! Even though I have been in here for almost 10 years, I am finally getting around to purchasing my own land. I have been going around looking at different land for sale, and noticed that on one, under Region Capacity, it stated "94 out of 703 with 609 available". What exactly is Region Capacity, and is it something I need to consider when I buy? Thanks!
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