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  1. Thank you for your interest in The Midnight Society, one of the more unique RP sims around. We are hiring at the burlesque lounge and restaurant that is the hub of activity for the RP sim as a whole. Here, we offer daily shows of a wide variety of burlesque style dances, that are roleplayed by our talented actors. This job does require top-notch roleplay services - to be offered to yes, even the most unaware or new of RPers at times. What we hope to grow here is a lush roleplay rich environment. So why do you find yourself being hired for real L? Well, ladies, gents, and all the rest of you th
  2. I'm opening a restaurant and burlesque lounge! It is an rp sim.. but I'll need waitresses! Leave a notecard at Fantome.Starlight with the following info! -At least one shot of yourself in what you feel would be appropriate attire for job. It does not need to be professional. Just something to introduce me to the you, you wish to present. -Your contact information. -A short fictitious sample of yourself performing your duties. -Any other resume qualities you wish to provide.
  3. I need a script for getting a group add to my discord when people click on the icon. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking for and how much to expect to spend?
  4. Hello! My name is Solace. I am looking for work! I am very active, on almost all day every day. I have experience working as a Voice Escort. I tutor high school subjects IRL. I have a BA in English. I would like to get my start DJing - I already have Mixxx, a stream, and music library, as well as the ability to play requests and voice. I do not mix. I am also skilled at character design. You can contact me directly in world or leave a message here. I am looking for reliable pay in Lindens only. Sincerely, Fantome.Starlight
  5. So I have this sculpt that I want to rig to my body. I've watched videos on how to rig and I have tried rezzing the item, then going more> more> save as> collada - but it doesn't register that there are any prims! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  6. Hello! I am looking for a special gift to myself for my birthday which is September 13th. I am willing to negotiate prices for this to be done with high quality and to my specifications. Read no further if you are adverse to piercings. Bell Dancing - attaching bells or other noise making items to the skin with the use of temporary piercing or sutures. Once attached the person begins moving to cause them to sound. This is what I want. Separate pieces for bra, panties, and corset. All with sheer/lace qualities. A range of body piercings with bells. I want to hav
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