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  1. Thank you for the very detailed post Skell I really appreciate it, I was trying to get things figured out earlier today then the servers started having problems. I'll be back at it again tomorrow and will let you know either way if I am having problems or if I got it figured out
  2. I saw your revised post Skell, here is what is happening now with those changes. If I click the BOM button The hair base stays but the skin is removed, when I apply the skin back on (clicking the color buttons to the right of the BOM button) I get my skin back (kinda) and looks like the picture below.
  3. Hello Skell, thank you for jumping in here. I have clicked the BakeOnMesh button in the hud and what has happened is it made the skin disappear (without the hair base). I then clicked on the skin color on the right and it brought back my head but still didnt get the hair base to apply. I also tried the assortment of head alphas again and still no luck. I even removed everything from myself again and tried to get it to work from scratch. Here is a pic of what happens when I click the BOM button.
  4. hum, I'm not sure on that, what would I click to see if I turned the BOM on, on the head? Also I am clicking the wrench and not seeing a re-arrange the layer option, dragging items also does not seem to be working to arrange their layer order. Would you be able to tell me how to do these 2 things and I'll try that now, also ty for helping, been at this for about 4 days now
  5. Hello everyone :) I'm having some trouble getting my no_match hair bases and other facial hairs to properly apply. I'm using the Lulutka "Guy" head. I have removed everything from myself except the head and hair base to show there is no conflicts. Top picture shows me wearing the head, hair base and alpha but hair base is not visible Now the alpha is removed so you can see the hair base is indeed there, its just under the head skin. Thank you to anyone that can help me out, I've tried every combination of alpha that has come with the head to no avail, I hope this is something simple that I'm overlooking. If you need more pics just let me know and I'll upload them. :)
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