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    I'm interested in supernatural type roleplays, some roleplays based on games or tv shows, fantasy, slice-of-life, horror, apocalyptic, survival, and so on. There's a lot I'm interested in or would be willing to give a try. I think that Superheros and Animal based roleplays are the only ones I'm not a huge fan of in general. Also I'm not! I'll check that out as well. Tysm! (Also, thanks for the welcome, happy to meet another gaian!)
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    I haven't! I'll check it out. Thank you!
  3. Hey guys! So I'm a newbie in second life, but I've been roleplaying for years. Most of my roleplaying has been on Gaia Online but I'm interested in dipping my toe into the water here. I've been looking over the different groups here in the forums and even submitted an application to one. I've also caught myself up on SL roleplay etiquette and the like. However, because I'm new I'm having trouble figuring out which SIMs are active and unsure of where to start. I enjoy slice of life, fantasy, supernatural, horror, and romance roleplays. I'd like to steer away from roleplay of sexual nature thoug
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I tried doing the BoM compatible option but whatever I was doing, I couldn't get it to work. Also, I appreciate the input on the alpha layers! I decided to cave and go ahead and give up on the normie head. I went ahead and got an LAQ head instead lol.
  5. Hey guys! So I'm extremely new to second life but I'm huge into avatar creation. However, since I'm not sure how much I'll like second life and if I'll stick around, I didn't want to put a bunch of money into it yet. I settled on the Slink Hourglass body (I'm using the redux) and for price, the normie head (after purchasing a cheaper one and regretting it lol). So, I like the way the normie head looks but I cannot get makeup to work on it. I've tried the omega appliers but it just doesn't show. It does, however, show my omega skin. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and I'm still trying to get
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