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  1. Just want you all to know once again this is more than just covers.... This is a total recreation of the book. You click it and the pages turn. Someone went to a lot of effort to do this. And they think that they should get the money for that effort of piracy.
  2. As an author, some of my books literally make less than this lady is selling them for. One of my self published books makes me 50 cents per copy after everyone takes a cut!!! (Printing, lawyers, illustrators) My main selling book makes me 4 dollars a copy!!!!!
  3. Its not just a cover! The books are scripted to turn pages!!! IT contains the full book, illustrations... even dedications! A lot of work has gone into pirating these books to look like real books.
  4. You can find the album here of the situation., https://imgur.com/a/rUOCaTU
  5. Someone is selling many pirated children's books in Second Life, as an author I am a sad someone would do it... especially since I see some of the works belonging to people I know personally. I emailed my contact at scholastic and I have also sent some messages to the people who I know personally. But please if you come across them, do not buy them and delete them from your inventory. They are pirated and someone is collecting money for other peoples work. Thanks.
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